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Site Navigation

Page history last edited by Justin Spratt 10 years, 7 months ago

The site is designed to be navigated from the front page.  The sections on the front page are organized alphabetically, as are the individual links below the section headings.  You can also search this site (see the search bar in the upper right).


     While this site, as most sites, are designed as a web (various pages pointing to each other with links), this site has the special property that there is one page which can lead to ever other page: the front page.  In addition, I have attempted to put a footer on every page with a link to the front page ("Home") and a link to the page higher in the "tree."  (Note that this site is not a strict tree (there are some links which violate the "no cycles" rule.  Nevertheless, the site should be navigated as though it were a tree with the front page as the root.)  In addition, there is also a sidebar (on the right) with a link to the home page and a link at the very top of every PBworks page to the wiki's front page (my link says "Justin Gordon Spratt" at the top).


     Unfortunately this site is constantly a work in progress.  To help the reader, greyed out links are links to placeholder pages or to pages with incomplete articles (this does not imply that a blue link is a link to a page that is "final" in any sense).


    There are also several handy URLs that you may find useful:



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