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I am about to fix your computer

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If I sent you to this page, you, most likely, have run into trouble with your computer and need me to fix it.  To better serve you, this page describes the steps that you should take to help me fix your PC if you are going to drop it off for repair.


  1. Please bring a power cord.  I'm often short on these.
  2. Please include a note indicating the problem that needs solving.  Please include the Administrator password and the passwords to the other accounts (if there are account-specific issues) on this note.
  3. Please backup your data if possible or tell me that you have no backup.
  4. Please assume that I will have to rebuild your computer's operating system.  This is also known as "re-installing windows," "re-formatting your computer," "wiping everything off," and "Where did all my programs and files go?"  Therefore, please include as much information about how you like things set up so that I can replicate your current setup. 
  5. Such things as driver CDs (especially for your motherboard, printer, graphics card, sound card), Windows CD keys, Microsoft Office CD keys are very helpful.  These are things that you should keep when you buy a computer.  If you threw them away, it might be impossible to return your computer to its desired state.  For example, if you lost your Microsoft Office CD key, asking me to re-install it anyway looks as bad as asking me to break into "your" car and start it for you when you have lost all proof of ownership.  It's really not fair to me.  I don't want to leave you stranded with no car, but you really have no way of assuring you that I am not breaking the law.  Drivers are greatly appreciated as they can be difficult to locate.  I would say that the majority of my time after rebuilding a computer's operating system is spent looking for drivers.


Now, after I finish fixing your computer, you should read these instructions.



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