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I fixed your computer

Page history last edited by Justin Spratt 12 years, 7 months ago

Hooray, your computer is fixed and working again, but not everything is exactly the way it was just before it got broken (what can I say, I'm not a magician).  What I did to your computer was to first remove the viruses (and other problems) and then did several things to prevent the problems you had from occurring again.  You should check with me to find out which method of virus removal I used: re-install or search and destroy (again, see How to get rid of computer viruses).  I tend to use the re-install method unless I have a very good reason not to (again, for the reasons stated in How to get rid of computer viruses).


  1. It is most likely that not all of your old programs are installed.  Sorry about that.  You can download them and install them quite easily using the administrator account.  If you need help, don't hesitate to contact me.  
  2. Your internet browsing should now be done through Firefox almost exclusively.  Watch some videos and read the following articles:
    1. Firefox browsing basics
    2. For Internet Explorer Users
    3. Importing favorites and other data from Internet Explorer
  3. Several add-ons will make your Firefox installation even more safe.  Here are three of the best ones that I have probably installed (and if I didn't, you can: just click on the name of the add-on below):
    1. NoScript should be enabled in Firefox.  Watch the CNet intro video to No Script.  Watch that video in Internet Explorer if it doesn't load in Firefox (NoScript blocks YouTube videos, and if you can't figure out how to unblock them, the video will explain how.  Just copy the YouTube video link into Internet Explorer to watch it.)
    2. You should also be using Adblock Plus.  Watch an intro video.
    3. You should also be using WOT.  Watch an intro video.
  4. Clamwin should be installed.  Watch an intro video.
  5. Virus Total Uploader should be installed.  Watch an intro video.


Please read my guide on how to stay virus free on your computer.


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