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CMSC-231 Term Project

Page history last edited by Justin Spratt 14 years, 1 month ago

This is the home page for my CMSC-231 term project.


Project Description

The loosly defined project goal is to create a website that people can come to and submit answers to a questionare and store these responces in a MySQL database.  I have chosen to work with Python, Pylons, and SQLAlchemy.  You can follow my progress in the blog entries below.  Complete source code and insructions will be available by the time the projct is complete.


Blog Entries 

I have moved my blog entries from the poorly named courses@dordt (that's a website, not an email address.  Yeah, I know.  Go figure) to this page.  New entries will be found here and not on Dordt's website, which, I have concluded, should be considered experimental (no search?  Are you kidding?  Where did my RSS feed just disappear to?  Oh, some of the pages don't scale with my browser?  Max. ttachment size is 500KB?  I cannot change site-wide email notification preferences?  Inserting a URL has to be done in a new tab?  When I hit "reply" to a post I cannot view the post I'm replying to?  Bye!).


Welcome to 2009: free Wiki pages.  Other's blogs are at http://courses.dordt.edu/mod/oublog/allposts.php


Blog 1: Sites I like

Blog 2: Apache Configuration

Blog 3: One I didn't do

Blog 4: Top 3 platform choices

Blog 5: HTML5

Blog 6: Database Micro-research

Blog 7: Grooving on your platform

Blog 8: Hello World with your AJAX framework

Blog 9: Home, Navigation, About, and Contact

Blog 10: Hello World from the database

Blog 11: Selected topic

Blog 12: Selected topic

Blog 13: Questionnaire Content and Design

Blog 14: Questionnaire UX Design

Blog 15: Make an Ajax Round Trip

Blog 16: Implemented Database schema

Blog 17: Micro-research

Blog 18: Selected Topic

Blog 19: Selected Topic

Blog 20: Open Issues

Blog 21: Results

Blog 22: Lessons Learned



Class Notes

2009-10-27 Basic questionnaire page





Project 1: Hello World from the database

Project 2: Questionare Website



2009-11-10 - Working site, no DB yet

2009-12-02 - Important files from the (near)final site

2009-12-02 - Entire (near) final site



Wholtuis site building references





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