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Inability to Communicate: The end of debate

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The Earth Round

Imagine trying to convince someone that the earth is round: you are riding an elevator and notice that the fellow next to you is wearing a t-shirt which reads, "I think the earth is flat."  If you're clever and the elevator ride is time permitting, you could probably whip up several good arguments and convince an intellectually honest man of the earths roundness in short order, despite being without access to outside materials (you're in an elevator afterall, not a spacestation).  You could argue that people have observed the earth's roundness from orbit; that the earth has been traveled extensively and no edge has been found, yet roots exist in every direction; that the night sky looks completely different on opposite sides of the globe; that gravity would crush a disk-shaped earth into a ball; and that the sun shines on half of the earth at all times and never truly sets.  Any one of these evidences would convince a reasonable person today, yet only a millennium ago they would have been next to useless.


    "Preposterous," your elevator companion would surely exclaim, had he been transported from ancient Germania, "people cannot fly, let alone orbit."



History Unknown



Words Beautiful


If you hear a term a hundred times and still don't have a concrete understanding of what it means, know that its popularity stems from its ambiguity.  "The rights of society"



(It's not just the loss of language and knowledge, it is the purposeful corruption of language for the making of arguments without arguments.)















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