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Knife sharpening and care

Page history last edited by Justin Spratt 14 years ago



decry dullness




  • Sharpness
    • blade geometry
      • specialization is key to excellence
      • angles (fruit, meat, cleaver)
      • serrations
        • modern kitchen philosophy
    • edge keenness
  • sharpening/honing tools
    • kitchen steal
      • ruins blade geometry (images)
    • V-shaped pull
      • failure to achieve micro-serrations (images)
    • V-shaped wheel grinder
    • ceramic rod
    • waterstone/wetstone
    • diamond stone
    • grinder wheel
  • sharpening process
    • achieving desired geometry
    • achieving keenness
  • sharpening tests
    • fingernail
    • arm hair shave
    • paper shred
    • actual application




  • no metal on metal
  • sheaths

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