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Windows Tweaks

Page history last edited by Justin Spratt 12 years, 7 months ago

I make many desktop enhancements to the default Windows XP install, from turning sounds and animations off to programming what certain hotkeys do.  This page is a starting point for making these modifications.



AutoHotkey Scripts


  • General purpose hotkeys (exe version) (paste plaintext, capitalize selected, etc.)
  • Programmer's Remap (exe version)
    • Remaps number keys to symbols and visa-versa
    • Remaps quote/apostrophe
    • Remaps Numpad keys to send raw 0-9 for use with PuTTY (so you don't get weird symbols)
    • Gives you 12 clipboards (ctrl+shift+F1-F12 to copy, shift+F1-F12 to paste)
    • Gives you window hotkeys (like unit hotkeys in Starcraft) (ctrl+0-9 to hotkey, winkey+0-9 to activate)
  • Caps Underscore Remap (Remap the spacebar to an underscore if in capslock mode and in a code editor)
  • Wikipedia Autocorrect (Make corrections to text as you type it--the most common typos fixed)
  • WindowPad - multi-monitor window-moving tool



Explorer Configuration



Registry Tweaks

  • <to come>



Windows Desktop "Addons"


Any programs that modify windows to make it easier to use

  • Taskbar Shuffle - Shuffle items on the taskbar
  • allSnap - Make windows snap within an adjustable threshold of pixels
  • KatMouse - Make the scroll bar under the mouse active
  • Power Menu - Minimize items to the system tray, set process priority, set window transparency



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